Leigh Montgomery

Founder & Coach

Leigh Montgomery is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Health Coach and a Certified CrossFit Coach (Level 1). She has an Eat To Perform Level 1 Certification, a B.S. in Science Health Information Management, and has been a Nutrition Coach for the last ten years serving hundreds of successful clients.


This Nutritional Plan is sustainable! More food equals more energy, better sleep and more nutrients for your body. Fuel your body!

– Lila Almond

I can’t thank Leigh and CYP Nutrition enough. I was able to stay on track with my nutrition and she would always help me out.

– JR Quiroz

It’s not always about the weight loss, but finding a program to utilize long term with CYP!

– Nikki Gledhill

habit-based nutrition

Give A Man A Fish vs. Teach A Man To Fish

Habit-Based Nutrition creates healthy habits that are sustainable over time. Many times people who hire a nutrition coach receive a few meal plans, shake some weight, and once the plans are gone the numbers on the scale creep back up again. I’m not here to waste your time or your money.

I am here to teach you how to fish.


Habit-Based Nutrition works. Creating a healthy relationship with food will help you lose weight by changing the way you approach not just eating, but living. The best athletes in the world all use routines—because they work. So does HBN.


When you build foundational habits, you’re not reinventing the wheel again and again. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. What we are creating is something different. 


Habit-Based Nutriton saves you money. This isn’t about a miracle supplement, or the latest new piece of exercise equipment. Training your brain will help you train your body and you already own both.

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