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Seeing is believing, right? Check out just a few of our clients’ results.


Last November I was tired and angry at the  world. Today, however, I am full of energy and joy. This change is because I have conquered my fear of food! This is all due to Leigh Montgomery and her nutrition program. The macro counting  plan , which Leigh personalized for me , was so easy to follow! I was able to eat what I wanted and not feel guilty ! I actually was able to relax and enjoy food!!! I just logged my meals and counted my macros. I now am down 21 pounds and my body fat is now down to 17 percent!  Life is delicious thanks to Leigh!

Michelle Brown

I have been on this journey with CYP Nutrition for almost a year. Before that, I was just trying to out exercise a bad diet. It doesn’t work. For 3 years, I did Crossfit 4-5 times per week, and while I did get stronger, there was very little change in my body composition. It took a lot of encouragement from Leigh, and some patience on my part, but the results are life changing. And this nutrition plan is sustainable! You can still live your life and get results. There are no “bad” foods. Nothing is “off limits.” At this point in my plan, I am eating more than when I started a year  ago and still losing fat while gaining muscle.  More food equals more energy, better sleep, and more nutrients for your body. Fuel your body!

Lila Almond

I was 40 pounds over weight and I desperately needed a change in my diet and lifestyle. I trusted her as my friend to send me down a path to a happier mom and wife. CYP has given me the opportunity to take control of my diet without giving up everything I love to eat. When the days come, and they will, where you’re tired or giving up, Leigh is just a text or a phone call away to ease your anxiety and motivate you to keep going. It’s not always about the weight loss, but how finding a program you can utilize long term which makes CYP a program for everyone. I lost 27 pounds in 12 weeks. I’m excited to see what big changes the next 12 weeks will bring.

Nikki Gledhill

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PROGRAM!  Years of exercise alone were not giving me the results I was looking for.   Adding this program I found my missing ingredient, the 80% nutrition impact I kept hearing about.  I knew Leigh’s program worked by the success I witnessed in others but honestly I didn’t think I could do it.  Leigh held me accountable by checking my nutrition spreadsheet and giving me feedback.  Along with Leigh you have others on the program giving you support, meal ideas, etc. through the Facebook page.  I’m stronger, have more energy, and my running has improved—my outside matches my inside.  I have lost 10lbs, 1½ in. on both my waist/hips and gained muscle.  Leigh personalizes the program to fit YOUR goals.  The big surprise was I didn’t have to go hungry to make it work.  Give this program a chance and it will transform your body.

Shana Phillips

Well I have been doing crossfit for about 5 years now. Before crossfit I was the typical gym rat. However, when I got a taste of the competition setting inside a box I loved it and been doing it ever since. While crossfitting I learned about this “Paleo” diet. As I followed it, I noticed my weight dropping but my strength and performance did not change. My competitive nature wasn’t happy with this. So I reached out to Leigh and CYPnutrition about this “Macro” thing. All I can say, is that this was the best decision I ever made. I have been following the CYPnutrition plan for a few months now. My strength has improved, recovery time drastically reduce and most of all my engine (cardio) has benefitted the most. I will be a CYPnutrition athlete for life!!! I can’t thank Leigh enough.

JR Quiroz